Private Couples Retreat

Announcing a Private Couples Retreat

I designed this amazing experience for couples who are struggling with infertility and relationship challenges. We will be spend 2 days away from the daily grind, take time to breathe, and reconnect through your relationship. We will focus on truly understanding each other in a more deep and meaningful way, honoring and appreciating one other, forming new perspectives, learning ways to effectively communicate, supporting each other, and finding ways to truly repair and rejuvenate the marriage relationship.

Relationships are not always easy to begin with. This is especially true when you are going through fertility struggles. I’ve been there. I know the impact this has on a marriage and even with family and friend relationships. That’s why I am very excited to offer a unique weekend retreat for couples who’s fertility journey is challenging their relationship.


This is for couples who put their love and relationship above everything else, who would give anything to bring intimacy and love back in their relationship, yet are struggling to navigate through the rough waters of infertility. I’ve created something I longed for at that time in my life but never found. This is for the couple who understands: “by strengthening ‘us’ we can get through anything, including infertility.”

You and your partner are committing to a coaching weekend with me. You will be my only focus. This is NOT a group retreat. Our goal is for you as a couple to become more intentional by learning and understanding together how to live stronger as a whole. By doing so, we are not only addressing your immediate relationship struggles with infertility, you’re also investing in strengthening your entire life journey together and nurturing the love that brought you together in the first place! Are you curious? Does this raise a spark of hope? I’m ready to hear your story. Let’s talk.

Dates & Location

When: Dates can be scheduled with the couple.

Where: The private weekend retreat will be held at the Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary & Retreat Center in the Texas Hill Country.

Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary & Retreat Center

Accommodations & What’s included

Before you arrive: 

There will be 2 coaching calls with me. The calls will help me to understand both of you, your challenges and your goals to move forward. That will also give you an idea of my coaching style.

Included in your weekend:

  • Two nights lodging for the couple in the Sky Loft. A beautiful, comfortable, calming atmosphere for the couple to relax.
  • Two ninety-minute bodywork massages by healer Mariah Wentworth to melt away stress, heal the body, and rejuvenate the mind.
  • A Beautifully packaged welcome kit including a gratitude journal, retreat notebook.
  • Three delicious, organic, fresh meals every day for each attendee. They even grown their own veggies!
  • Amazing snacks available 24 hours including fresh baked cookies!
  • Extended coaching sessions each day with me.
  • Surprise appreciation gift for Saturday night to celebrate your journey and your future.

After you leave:

You will get 3 follow-up coaching calls to help you integrate the tools and changes you acquired in the retreat and keep moving forward on a positive track.