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20 things you don’t tell people with Infertility

“You may never know what someone is going through, but if you notice any signs of pain—hostility, negativity, or over-sensitivity—then odds are, you know how they feel. Respond to the pain instead of judging the signs.” Lori Deschene I...

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Claiming my Niche- “The Infertility Coach”

Last week, I was at the biggest agile conference in the world, Agile 2017. This conference has made big impacts in my life since I started attending from 2013. And this year, the impact seems even bigger! It feels larger than my life! It all started with...

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Full jar or Empty jar of marbles???

How does trust play in a relationship? A colleague at work shared this analogy about the jar of marbles (referenced in Brene Brown's book "Daring Greatly") and it resonated with me very well. Trust is the basis for any relationship. For me personally, I...

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Let it Go, Let it Go…

I was in Disney World over the Christmas holidays with my family. We were at the Disney's Frozen sing-along show and the infamous "Let it go.." was performed. We were in awe watching the fantastic performance. Although the lyrics triggered a bittersweet...

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Living in the Moment – Is that easy?

My husband and I adopted a child recently. It's been such a joy for us and lot of learnings after a wonderful 16 years of married life. My life is definitely changing for the better. During the initial few weeks after we got our son, I was so preoccupied...

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