Coaching Support for Individuals

  • Are you feeling alone? Like no one can relate to or understand your infertility struggles?
  • Are you dreading that moment when family and friends ask, “when are you going to have a baby, why are you waiting”?
  • Do you struggle with jealousy every time someone you know gets pregnant?
  • Do people’s pity and sympathy make you want to disappear?
  • Are your career and social life suffering due to your infertility challenges?
  • Are you feeling frustrated with the lack of results from your fertility treatments, despite your perseverance? Do you feel like there is no way to solve your challenges with infertility?

Challenges with fertility can take a tremendous toll on an individual. This journey can be very lonely and painful. Having gone through a long and painful infertility journey myself, I can relate. I felt lost and stuck with my fertility struggles. I was angry, desperate, jealous, lonely, ashamed and confused. After my 3 miscarriages and the recurrent failed fertility treatments, all I wanted was to be left alone, I was grieving. I lacked energy and clarity in my life and was unable to move forward. For me, it felt like being stuck in quicksand, slowly sinking with no support to help me get up.

If any of this resonates with you, I can help. As your fertility coach, I am here to walk beside you, helping you to look deeper into yourself, process your emotions, gain clarity, move forward with your life and attain the amazing and fulfilled life you desire.

I am so pleased to share that I was able to get out of my personal quicksand, finding support, and making it through my personal infertility journey. I have now dedicated my work to helping others achieve the same result.