Coaching Support for Couples

  • Are you feeling lonely in your infertility journey and not be able to talk to your partner? Do you feel as if they “just don’t understand? 
  • Is your intimacy suffering? Does sex often “on-demand” or like a medical procedure?
  • Are you and your partner often blaming/lashing-out at each other due to your infertility?
  • Does infertility affect your social life as a couple? Are you spending less time with one another due to your struggles with infertility?
  • Do you feel like you are being overwhelmed with information while your partner “checks out”?

Relationships are not always easy, to begin with. This is especially true when you are struggling with fertility. I’ve been there. I know the impact infertility has on a marriage, as well as with family and friendships.

If you are a couple facing challenges with fertility and wanting to maintain a healthy relationship, I can help you.

Flexible coaching packages offered for couples. When couples come together for coaching they are treated as one entity, not as two separate individuals.

  • 3-month minimum coaching commitment
  • Biweekly coaching sessions
  • Occasional individual coaching sessions may be recommended
  • Continuous transparency between partners required for success

Private Couples Weekend Retreat

An exclusive offering that I am excited to provide. This couples retreat is designed to focus on 1 couple at a time. I understand that every couple’s fertility journey is unique, and I want to honor that by offering this intimate retreat.