Partnering With Fertility Doctors & Clinics

Providing medical treatment for infertility and pregnancy issues is what doctors and clinics do best. Fertility coaching and support is an amazing addition to that medical treatment. Together, the two create a system that supports the patients’ mental and emotional well-being.

That is where I come in. As a fertility coach, I complement the efforts of fertility clinics and doctors, resulting in well-rounded care and support for their patients.

Below is a list of programs that work in tandem with fertility clinics and doctors across the world to support patients and their partners:

Fertility Coach Is In

1 full day of onsite or remote coaching for your patients in 1-hour appointments. A truly unique program, loved by many fertility clinics and their patients.

This offer is valid for both individuals and couples.

Living in the moment

Empowering Women with Infertility

A hands-on workshop for women going through fertility challenges. Attendees will learn new ways to take ownership of their life, gain emotional and mental clarity, and keep the energy moving forward. The day will be filled with fun, tips, and techniques for managing infertility, which can be implemented in the patient’s daily lives.

Workshop size is limited to 20 to make it intimate.

Find your Voice with Infertility

A hands-on workshop specially designed for men. Men go through fertility challenges very differently than women. This workshop is designed to give them what they need to communicate with their partner, to understand and acknowledge their emotions with fertility struggles, to find healthy ways to cope with loss, and much more.

Workshop size is limited to 20 to make it intimate.

Infertility & Beyond

A hands-on workshop for couples going through fertility challenges. Infertility takes a toll on marital relationships and brings challenges to the surface at a rapid pace. If couples are not proactively working together and taking care to resolve and restore their relationships, it may very well lead to severe problems. In this workshop, couples will learn how to repair, restore, and rejuvenate their relationships, and to develop a healthier, powerful and passionate life journey amidst infertility!

**Clinics will be responsible for marketing this to their patients as an exclusive offering.**