Adoption.. I didn’t know that I didn’t know..

It was a long journey to get here. It was eight years as a matter a fact. It was eight years to feel complete as a woman, wife, and as a human.  It was countless medical bills, more injections then I could ever count, and more tears then anyone ever deserves to shed. It has […]

5 Things That May Affect Your Fertility and How to Mitigate!

Have you tried to conceive for over a year and is now referred to a fertility doctor?  Ever wondered what’s wrong with you and why it just doesn’t happen to you? Why is everybody around pregnant and it seems like you’re the only left behind? Here I’ll share with you 5 things (or common reasons) […]

Kindness Matters Words Matter

There are several special “holidays” each and every day. Some are bizarre like “Fruitcake Toss Day”. And I take advantage of some of them, like “Breakfast For Dinner Day”. Recently was “World Kindness Day”, and THIS is a holiday I thoroughly endorse. What does it mean to be kind? It’s many things. To me, in […]

Story of a Proud Mother to an Angel & Rainbow Baby!

We had been married for a year and decided it was time to get off the pill and try to start a family. Seven months went by and nothing. No period and barely any smiley faces on the ovulation kits I was doing daily. I saw my OB and he told me in the office […]

Three Vital Steps for Taking Ownership of Your Dream of Having a Family!

  Last week, I interviewed an incredibly brave and outstanding woman, Pradeepa, who went through 3 miscarriages, 3 failed IUIs, and 8 IVFs, and then was able to complete her family through the adoption process. The decision she and her husband made was based on their open and honest conversation about their dream of having […]

My Fertility Journey: A Rebel with a Cause

I don’t remember why, but someone commented “Rebellious” on my social media posts. A wave of emotions struck me. Dang! This is exactly who I am. I would normally describe myself as a dedicated rule follower, but when I think about two momentous occasions in my life, my marriage and my fertility journey, I am […]

When to seek help and 4 tips for choosing the right fertility specialist!

Have you ever wondered when you should seek a fertility specialist? Do you know what to look for when choosing a fertility specialist?  These can be overwhelming and complex decisions, but the answers can sometimes be simpler than you imagined. Knowing when you should seek help for your fertility journey can be a daunting task.  […]

8 strategies for men to cope with infertility

What If I told you infertility affects men and women equally? Do you know infertility will be a whopping £20 billion industry by 2020? And yet most of the time the industry targets women; ranging from medical treatments to yoga, nutrition, weight loss, acupuncture, massages, tea, supplements, consulting, counseling and coaching. I used to be […]

Handling Relationship Challenges When TTC: Part 3

Feel like an emotional volcano ready to explode on your partner? Yup. Infertility will do that…in part 3 of this 3-part video series, fertility coach Pradeepa Narayanaswamy shares two techniques for dealing with this kind of TTC-related stress. Today we’re wrapping up our 3-part video series about dealing with the TTC-related stress that pops up […]