If you are considering a chance to work with a professional coach, look no further than Pradeepa! Since we first met in 2013, I’ve often turned to her for learning, advice and counsel on our Scrum.org trainer and agile coaching journeys. She brings so much wisdom and compassion to her work – it’s humbling to witness her abilities in action. Pradeepa made such a strong impression that I decided to work with her directly as my personal coach in 2017, and wow – what an experience it has been! I have found her one-to-one coaching style to be incredibly intuitive, as she has a knack for asking the right questions to open my mind and broaden my perspectives. At the same time, she knows how to “challenge” me in a way that reserves judgment and helps me grow. I feel fortunate to be on this journey with Pradeepa and highly recommend her for anyone seeking professional or life coaching. Thank you Pradeepa!  

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